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And the bride wore red.....

On Saturday I played in the Superhero larp ‘You are cordially invited…’ written by Jenni and Paul. I was given the character of the bride Kelly Reynolds aka Ultima early in the piece, and waited to see who was playing the groom. I was pleased when Paul informed me that Nick would be playing Jack Reynolds. I’ve known Nick a while and am comfortable roleplaying across from him.

For me the whole game was intensely emotional. I didn’t know what really to expect and decided to just see how the evening planned out. My goals were very loose. Enjoy myself, don’t let Coyote harm Jack, and don’t annoy the in-laws. As it turned out, the evening was a very emotionally draining event, where I sort of achieved the second two goals and waved goodbye to the first goal early on, but enjoyed for completely different reasons.

The evening started off really well. I was feeling Kelly relax, and started to relax too, the ceremony had gone without a hinch, Coyote hadn’t shown his face and now she could enjoy the evening with family and friends.

After the speeches, which were all very heart warming except for the best mans one, Kara, maid of honour and my best girlfriend fled the room. I followed hoping to see what the matter was and to help out. I could tell that she had received something, but she wouldn’t talk to me about it or tell me what was going on. I was horrified. I mumbled something about talk to someone if not me, Billy maybe, and left feeling a bit unsure of what was going on. This was the beginning of a very intense emotional ride.

I went back into the main room and mingled a bit, chatting to people still wondering what was going on with Kara. I was approached I think around this time by Gwen my former best friend. We hadn’t spoken much since she kidnapped me and held me to ransom, but I was willing to forgive her. She showed me some photos that she had been given of Jack at his stag do. I was a bit shocked and didn’t really know how to take it. I watched as she showed the photos to Jack, waiting to see what his reaction would be.

Back into the main room, more mingling, messages from Coyote had been circulating and there was a lot of wondering who it could be. I kick myself now as I should have picked it up who Coyote was, but didn’t at the time. My mind was elsewhere.

Billy, my best boyfriend came to ask from some help. We found a quiet spot and sat down. He told me that his partner Kara wanted to leave the partnership they had. She was in love with him, but he wasn’t in love with her. I asked who he was in love with. ‘You’ was all he said. I asked him why didn’t say sooner, why wait to today. His response was would it have made a difference. I remember saying ‘I don’t know, I need to think’. Crisis one raised it head at this time (huge pile up on the motorway). I took off to deal with it wanting the space. I don’t know what Billy did as I never looked back.

I bumped into Kara telling her that she should go after Billy, he’s a really great guy. She told me that he wasn’t interested, I mentioned that he told me that she had wanted to join the League full-time and… that he was in love with me. Kara said she was sorry and that she tried to stop him telling me. By now I was emotionally exhausted. I remember whispering ‘you knew??’ I hugged her, telling I felt awful for her. After a fashioned we decided to head back to the party.

Meanwhile I think crisis two and three, and world ending problem 1 (Ragnarok), had raised its head. I didn’t care. I just didn’t want to have to deal with anymore emotional bombshells at this stage. Billy and I stayed out of each others way for a bit. Jack, Justin, Charlotte and I had been checking in on each other to see how each other to see if we had figured out who Coyote was. We had no idea. Dale you were fantastic. I should have realised, you were always…there…hovering.

Earlier in the evening I had been given an envelope containing a letter from Coyote to Gwen. It asked her if she wanted to come back to the wild side and he missed their time together. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I gave the letter to Jack with all the others, but gave Gwen the empty envelope back. The look on her face was priceless. She had misplaced it by accident.

By now beginning to get a handle on my runaway emotions, when Cassandra and Eldritch two consultants to the league asked to chat. I was informed that Eldritch was my grandfather and that mine (and everyone else’s) memories of him had been removed, and to top it off, Cassandra was my sister from another dimension. I felt like I was going to faint, but pulled it together, I had a glass of water in my hand and didn’t want to spill it. I don’t remember the apology that Eldritch gave me, I just remember wondering why he had left me on my own for so long. (I was too drained to get angry at the time, but my advice to Eldritch would be to stay away from Kelly for a few days)

In a daze I found myself wandering around. Mindlessly talking to people pretending to smile hoping to keep to myself for a bit. I ended up next to Raven who had just accepted the offer from Rapter and started talking to him. I found myself in the corner blocked by both Billy and Jack. I listened not wanting to hear Billy vent his frustration to Jack hoping to get a rise out of him. He couldn’t and left. I admitted to Jack that I did have feelings for Billy. He was my best friend, we had been through a lot. At this point Loki erupted into the party. I didn’t care, I had hurt both Billy and Jack.

Neither of us really cared about Loki, Jack got Cassandra to deal with Loki and he pulled me into a room. We had a bigger problem to deal with…us.
Jack asked if my feelings for him had changed, I said no. We embraced and headed back to what were the remains of our reception.

I went and found Billy, he already knew what I was going to tell him. We hugged and went our separate ways. That was pretty much the end of the larp for me.

So overall my experiences of this larp were like no other one that I have had. I went through some pretty heavy emotional turmoil through out the game, but it was exhilarating to play through. I was hoping to externalise a lot of what I was going through to give others something to play with, however I’m not sure how successful this was.

Thank you Nick, Ants, Dale and Ellen for the awesome larp experience, it was great to have such a fantastic group to bounce off. It was a privilege to play across from you. Jenni and Paul, I hope I gave the character the justice you were hoping for. To everyone else you were awesome. I couldn’t write every encounter I had or this novel of a post would turn into a trilogy.
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