Life, it is all a changing

Okay it's been a VERY LONG time since I posted here.

However, my little girl (she'll tell you that she's a big girl) starts school next week. Not sure how I feel, but I know that I'll probably be a mess.

Just going to wait and see and enjoy the moment.

That is all for now.

Things I love's been a while

I have lots to love since my last post.


Ayla informed me one Thursday morning that she want to be Captain America at her kindy fancy dress BBQ the next day. that evening I had sewn two superhero costumes. I love that I have learnt enough to quickly put together costumes that look in my opinion...damn good!

I have so much to love, that I can't think of any now so....

In no particular order
My husband
Friends who are there when I need to vent and also are supportive when I need them
Building sandcastles at the beach
Finding a series of books and enjoying them
My family, especially my sister who gave the girls some awesome homemade bunny bags
How to train your Dragon show...getting close now so excited!
Roleplaying. Loving playing such a variety of characters
Getting new carpet and storage room built downstairs.

Loads to be excited about!

Things I love Friday (I was busy yesterday)

I'm loving the sun at present. I write this post sitting outside in the shade of an umbrella in the gentle breeze. Cats lazying in the sun nearby, kids playing get the idea.

Ticking things off our to do list. This weekend it's painting S room. Its been on the list for a while, glad to get it done.

Also very happy that my world is no longer spinning...for now. Changed my diet and that seems to be working, so far. Also had blood test and everything is all good. So yay!

Friends having baby' very cute.

Gaming. Loving it at present, and doing loads.

My friends who understand that I need to vent every now and then. It's appreciated greatly.

Honorary mentions: My loving husband, wonderful (most of the time) girls, in-laws who drop by just to say hi, new sheets, wolf whistles, planning holiday's and events, trying new foods and liking them, and fresh jam donuts.
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So Kapcon it this weekend. I'm looking forward to it, I'm really looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in a while and also just having a great weekend roleplaying. Plus I also have a cute dress to wear at the big larp and I get to play along side my hubby...yay!

Also glad that L's voice is returning. It was touch and go there for a while but fingers crossed everything will be okay.

The girls have been extra cute this week, A is determined to do ballet. She has raided my ballet bag and watching all the ballet dvd's that we have. Too cute. S is also getting into the ballet game, dancing round the house to any music that is on.

New Shoes
I spent Wednesday with my mum going through some op shops up here in Kapiti. I'm now the proud owner of some very nice blue strappy heels. They are very nice and I like them loads. Though not at all practical for home, but heh :)

Also had a really nice lunch at a cafe called No.6 in Raumati Beach. It reminded me of Sweet Mothers Kitchen as it serves similar food.

Things I love Thursday.

Okay, I'm going to jump on this band wagon and try and keep a positive outlook on life.

So for my first ever TILT...

I love my husband, he puts up with me and my random moods etc, my two beautiful girls who complete my life.

I have a new hair cut. I love it, I love that I *think* I may have found a hairdresser that I like.

So in no order:
Kapcon playtests, seeing friends, spending time with family, having husband on holiday.

Happy 2012

We managed to celebrate and see in the New Year with friends for the first time last night. It was great, the girls had fun and eventually fell asleep and even asked to do it again this morning. Awesome!

It was nice also to see Luke relaxed and not worry about driving. I was sick and didn't feel like drinking so...drove home. Thanks Mat and Liz for hosting, and Emma, Marcus, and Mash for your company.

So 2012 is going to be a big year in our household. A starts school in the middle of the year, and S will start kindy sometime after April. Looking forward to the changes and to the extra challenges that will eventuate.

Times they are a changing...

This post really is just a memory holder.

Ayla started five mornings a week at kindy last Thursday. She's very excited by it, but also a little tired. Its been nice, I'm looking forward to spending some more one on one time with Sophie, however with her been sick this week, its largely been nice to let her recover in peace and quiet.

One of the cutest things that happened was Ayla reconnecting with all her friends who have already moved up. She is such a social butterfly.

Queen for a day

So last night I played the role of Queen Victoria. I had loads of fun! Firstly big thanks to hubby for looking after the girls so I could disappear for the night, and for putting up with me over the last few weeks as I made my dress.

Thank you to Ellen, I had a blast playing alongside her. She did such a great job as my Lady in Waiting. So good I think people had a hard time getting to me, and she looked amazing as well. I really felt at a loss when she disappeared to fight Cleopatra and was so totally relieved when she returned.

Thanks also to Frank and Nick. It was a pleasure gaming with you both as always. Though I am somewhat disappointed that I never did get to slap Nick…maybe next time.

Being Queen was an interesting experience. It was a little surreal but very gratifying to have people move out of my way as I walked around, and thanks to those who shielded me from the masses when I swooned. It was very cool. I want to be Queen more often 

And the props…what can I say except WOW! Having a strategy map on hand was amazing.

Hannah as Cleopatra/Isis, you were amazing.

I also hoped that last night I managed to really leave behind my biggest concern with my past LARPing, that is being to cautious and keeping emotions locked away. Instead, I tried to wear those emotions on my sleeve (or bustle).

Feeling a bit exhausted...emotionally

Well with the storms and all this week, I'm feeling emotionally exhausted. At least at the end of it all, it isn't the thunder and lightening that they are now afraid of, but the wind. Its hard getting all animated and excited everytime the storms hit, and also making sure that I don't show any sign of worry about the weather. Hopefully now I can move onto making the wind fun rather than something to be afraid of.

However what really threw me today was the absence of hubby's parents. They are overseas on holiday and have been away for sometime and won't be back for a while yet. At two different times today (thankfully) I had both girls hugging a photo of their grandparents and talking to them about having to share the grandparents with their cousin. This was small comfort for them, but hopefully the grandparents can get to a stable internet soon so we can skype.

It doesn't help that I'm missing them too.

Luckier than most

I have been struggling lately with trying to find the right balance in my life. When I say that I mean the balance between being Sam, a wife, working,and a mother.

I was going to write a post complaining about how I don't have enough time for me. Expect I realised that Im luckier than most.

I have a great supportive husband how shares my hobby and lets me disappear off and indulge regularly. I have great parents and in-laws who also look after the girls, and I have a job that I can do from home in my own time. Finally I have two beautiful girls who make me laugh and smile daily.

So next time I start complaining, please remind me that I am luckier than most.
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